Rates, Insurance & Availability


As of 10/31/2023, I will not be accepting new clients until January 1, 2024. 

Rates and Types of Services Offered

Individual  Clinical Therapy ( 18+) $140

                + Reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma that impact your daily functioning and quality of life.

                 + Learn to develop coping skills

                 + Health insurance can be used

                 + An assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan are established based on the DSM-IV

Individual Non Clinical Services  ( Coaching or skill building)  $140

                  + Improves quality of life by a combination of problem solving and skill building (i.e. building communication skills)

                  + No diagnosis due to not your problems or symptoms not being "heavy" or do not meet DSM-IV criteria

                   + Health Insurance is not used

                   + Focus is self care,  wellness, reflection, behavioral change

Couples Counseling ( Pre-marital, marital and long term partnership) $175


* Please note that when you use your health insurance, I will need to conduct an assessment and produce a diagnosis to submit claims. This will be completed in the first 2-3 sessions. 

Please check with your insurance company about co-pays, deductibles and authorizations prior to your first appointment with me. 

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