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Hello and Welcome! I believe that we as individuals are experts of our own lives, yet there are events, experiences or narratives that rob us of the confidence of  knowing who we are, what we need and want for ourselves. Based on your experiences, you may feel lost and disempowered and that your life is full of problems, stress and sadness. We all have a story that leads us to where we are now.  I can assist you with rebuilding yourself and recreating the story of your life and remove the "stuck" feeling.  By seeking help  you are already making the decision to be in control of your life and your peace of mind!

I work  with clients in an engaging and collaborative manner in order to assist with increasing self awareness and insight, reduce anxiety to manage change and life transitions, and build assertive communication skills. I incorporate conversations of race, culture and background and thoroughly believe that our family, class,  ethnic or regional culture heavily influences how we look at the world.  

I have experience in and thoroughly enjoy working with  young adults who need help exploring education paths, careers, relationships , self discovery, and those in helping professions (teachers, doctors, law enforcement, therapists, etc.).

I offer therapy services via in person, phone or video for your convenience. Choosing the right therapist is a very personal experience.   Please feel free to call for a consultation and ask as many questions as you like to assess our fit and ability to work together! 


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